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PRODUCTS - Digital Micro Alignment Telescope-Autocollimator OPTRO-PPS-031
Digital Micro Alignment Telescope-Autocollimator OPTRO-PPS-031
  Прибор автоколлимационный ОПТРО-ППС-032 (Digital Micro Alignment Autocollimator)
  Труба визирная измерительная ППС-11 (Alignment Telescop)

Digital Micro Alignment Telescope-Autocollimator OPTRO-PPS-031

Digital Micro Alignment Telescope-Autocollimator OPTRO-PPS-031 measures the non-straightlinearity, misalignment, non-perpendicularity, out-of-levelness of plane surfaces and aperture misalignment by sight tracking. This device was designed based on the operating experience of Alignment Telescope PPS-11 (LOMO).

OPTRO-PPS-031 provides automatic linear measurements of surface straightness, alignment and perpendicularity and aperture alignment errors on objects of up to 30 m in length without human intervention. CMOP camera is used as a measuring cell. Video data processing and computation of measurement results are enabled by special-purpose software.

Values of physical surface deviation from the line of sight are determined by a special sensor in two orthogonal planes.

During measurements a straight line passing across two points on the controlled surface is accepted as the basis.

If used with an autocollimating module (per Customer specification) the device can perform alignment by enabling visualization of the center of curvature of the mirror optical elements in the line of sight.


Focusing renge, m 0 - ∞
Distance measurement renge,* m 0.3 - 30
Telescope magnification (reverse) within 0.1 - 30 m 0.6 - 58X
Video camera measurement renge, mm 0 - ± 2.0
Misalignment of line of sight and external cylinder 4.5"
Telescope bore diameter, mm 64
Measuring target target with concentric circles
Total sighting error, mcm ± (0.5+L)
Non-straightlinearity measurement error tolerance, mcm     ± (5+2*L), where L is distance from telescope butt to target, m.

* If requested by Customer, the distance measurement renge can be extended to 50-100 meters.

Comparative Analysis of OPTRO-PPS-031 and Alignment Telescope PPS-11

Description OPTRO-PPS-031 PPS-11
Measurement renge, m 0.1 - 30 0.1 - 30
Magnification (reverse), X 0.6 - 58 0.6 - 58
Telescope bore diameter, mm 64 64
Root-mean-square error of sighting, mcm 0.5 - 30 2 - 90
Measurement error, mcm 5.0 - 60 20 - 150
Number of measurements unlimited to 24
Measurement processing time 0 30 min
Automation yes no
Human intervention no yes
Direct measurements of deviations yes no
Operator skills medium high
Remote measurements yes no
Distance measurement yes no
Line of sight correction yes no


1. The basic error of OPTRO-PPS-031 is 10 to 2 times as small compared to PPS-11.
2. OPTRO-PPS-031 provides automated measurements, direct measurement of deviations, as well as remote measurements, when the operator is away from the device.