• Technology for the correction of thermal deformation of the light-sensitive matrix in the measurement process has been developed to ensure stability of measurement results to ± 0.005pix for long-run measurement procedures;
  • Technology for the correction of distortion of image transfer in the optical system has been developed to enable generation of a linearized 2D measuring graticule based on matrix light-sensitive cells with an accuracy of ± 0.005pix;
  • Unique algorithms have been developed for video data array processing, which are designed for the determination of target image coordinates. These algorithms, as opposed to integral photometric algorithms, ensure stability of measurement to resist:
         - intensity and non-uniform lighting;
         - uneven sensitivity of light-sensitive cells of the matrix;
         - excessive flares, e.g. auto-reflections.
  • Automated system has been designed for digital calibration of autocollimators with an accuracy of 0.1'' with an engle measuring rotating table with a resolution of 0.01''. The system provides measurement results matching the calibration coefficient (see section “Research” – “Calibration…”). The calibration renge is ± 500'', the repeatability of the calibration coefficient is 1*10– 5, RMS of the total error does not exceed 0.05''.
  • Brand new angle-data transmitter based on measurement of target image rotation on the image sensor of digital TV camera by video data array processing on PC was developed
  • Mathematical model of new angle-data transmitter and measuring simulation program, that use target image generator with any rotation angle and standard processing algorithm of target image and angle calculation were developed. “Model” measurement results with accuracy level ± 0.1 that define real metrological capability of new technology were received.
  • The new concept of two dimensional tracking autocollimator that enables the possibility of mirror rotation angle measurement in the range ± 10о with accuracy ± 5" was developed.
  • On the VIIth International Forum “Optical Devices and Technologies OPTICS EXPO 2011” (Moscow, All Russia Exhibition Centre, October, 25-28, 2011) OPTROTECH Ltd was rewarded with diploma and gold medal for design of “Measuring Rotary Table OPTRO-MRT-041” according to the contest for the best optical-electronic device results.